Transitional Justice and Reconciliation in Ukraine is a project of the UCU Law School. Its goal is to create a forum for experts to discuss this theme. The focuses of the project are a mechanism for transitioning from war to peace in Ukraine and instruments of social reconciliation.

As part of the implementation of the project, the team plans: to launch a specialized platform to circulate professional knowledge and experience of post-conflict regulations in other countries; to create thematic information resources; and to develop methodical and practical recommendations to ensure transitional justice and reconciliation in Ukraine.

The project will be of use to lawyers, judges, prosecutors, the academic community, civic organizations, and law students.

The format of the project provides a series of public lectures by leading national and foreign experts on questions of transitional justice, workshops, and a moot court for students.

Lecture themes:

  • the mechanism of transitioning from war to peace
  • foreign experience of post-conflict regulation
  • criminal prosecution for war crimes
  • ”frozen” conflicts
  • social reconciliation