Mission of the Program

The goal of the program is to prepare practicing specialists in the field of defense of human rights with the necessary knowledge, valuable standards, and, at the same time, a re-thinking of the concept of human rights in the third millennium, taking into account ethical and moral foundations in the process of education and research, and also with a high level of knowledge of professional legal English.

Vision of the Program

The program strives to unite values-oriented discourse in the field of defense of human rights with acquiring the skills of practical legal activity in Ukrainian and international legal environments, which will enable the employment of our future graduates both in the legal and business sector and also in the public field. It expects to form a new generation of Ukrainian lawyers, capable not only of providing the defense of human rights but also of creating the pre-conditions for systemic change in the field in Ukraine and also of launching a higher educational center in the field in Ukraine, which will prepare specialists and foster the development and spread of knowledge regarding methods of instruction and the study of human rights in higher education.

Duration and form of instruction

1.5 years, day classes

Languages of the program

Ukrainian, English

Program participants will receive:

  • relevant knowledge in law, human rights in particular;
  • practical skills and experience;
  • standards of values and ethics for a lawyer’s work in contemporary conditions;
  • preparation in written and spoken professional legal English;
  • international experience and networking.


Advantages of the program:

  • highly-qualified teachers;
  • special emphasis on ethics and values as an important element of legal activity;
  • involvement of a wide circle of practitioners in the instructional process who have notable experience of professional activity in the field of defense of human rights, in particular, experience in representing the interests of persons and the state in the European Court of Human Rights and other international institutions;
  • involvement of foreign lecturers in the educational process;
  • emphasis on the development of soft skills which are necessary so that lawyers can carry out their professional activities;
  • visits to acquaint students with international human rights organizations and institutions in Geneva, Strasbourg, etc.


Contents of the program

The program will cover subjects dedicated to contemporary aspects of defense of human rights (international human rights law, European human rights law); the particularities of defense of human rights in separate areas (business, the environment, etc.); human rights in the practice of international structures and organizations (UN, EU, OSCE, European Court of Human Rights, etc.); philosophical, political, and ethical problems in human rights. Particular attention will be given to preparing students in spoken and written professional legal English.

It is expected that students will go through a six-week professional internship in law firms, official institutions, or non-government organizations in Ukraine and abroad.

Main areas of employment

Acquiring this specialty will open opportunities for employment in a whole range of international organizations and government institutions involved in questions of the defense of human rights. In addition, many law firms in the listing of their practices also include defense of human rights, which demonstrates the relevance of this specialty in practical jurisprudence. Program graduates are expected to qualify as Masters of Law.