1. In what format will the Diploma be conducted?

Diploma in English Law and Legal Skills is a program that consists of 8 modules (each module lasts for 2 days) and lasts from October 2018 until May 2019.


  1. Is there a list of themes/topics taught at the Diploma/ is there a program of the Diploma?

This Program consists of modules on both substantive law and legal skills. You can find the syllabus here: http://www.britishlawcentre.co.uk/what/. By clicking on the name of each module (on the left) or legal skill (on the right) you can see what will be studied in each module.


  1. Who will teach at the Diploma in Ukraine? Is there a list of experts/lecturers for specific topics/modules?

Lecturers are English lawyers and academic experts. You can get acquainted with the list of lecturers here: https://www.britishlawcentre.co.uk/who-2/.

Since the Program runs simultaneously at all British Law Centres (operating at different European universities), and the process of forming a schedule is now in process – is not possible to say who exactly from the Program lecturers will be present in one country or another. However, all lecturers will teach the Program according to a single syllabus for this academic year (2018-2019): https://www.britishlawcentre.co.uk/what/.


  1. Will there be any final examination? If yes, in which form (essay, test etc.)? Will there be any tasks during teaching modules? If yes, in which form?

No, there won’t be any final examination. However, each module involves performing certain tasks (written homework, practical tasks, etc.).


  1. When does the teaching start? What is the exact number of teaching hours covered by the course?

The teaching at the Program will start at 5 p.m. (both Kyiv and Lviv). Each module consists of 2 parts:

– substantive law: 1st day, 4 hours;

– legal skills: 2nd day, 3 hours.


  1. What is the participation fee?

→ Registration by July 30th:

500 euro and 1999 UAH for full-time students, 

650 euro and 2599 UAH for non-students.

→ Registration after July 30th:

575 euro and 2299 UAH for full-time students,

775 euro and 2999 UAH for non-students.

→ Registration after July 30th for the UBA members:

525 euro and 1999 UAH for full-time students,

700 euro and 2599 UAH for non-students.


  1. Which dates will the Diploma take place in Kyiv?

The Program will be held in Kyiv during next dates:

October 23-24, 2018

November 27-28, 2018

December 18-19, 2018

January 22-23, 2019

February 12-13, 2019

March 5-6, 2019

April 16-17, 2019

May 14-15, 2019


  1. Where in Kyiv will the teaching sessions happen?

Teaching in Kyiv will be held at the Kyiv Centre of the Ukrainian Catholic University, 10a Ivana Mazepy St., (near “Arsenalna” metro station) and at the UBA Conference hall, 6, Khreshchatyk St. (office 2).


  1. Which dates will the Diploma take place in Lviv?

The Program will be held in Lviv during next dates:

October 21-22, 2018

November 25-26, 2018

December 16-17, 2018

January 20-21, 2019

February 10-11, 2019

March 3-4, 2019

April 14-15, 2019

May 12-13, 2019


  1. How can I apply for the Diploma?

To apply for the Program, you have to fill in the application form here: https://www.britishlawcentre.co.uk/application/. Our colleagues from the British Law Centre will receive your application and will send you a confirmation letter asking you to send your CV and motivational letter. After receiving all the necessary information from you, you will be sent the bank requisites for the payment. If you haven’t received your email 2 days from the registration – please, email to [email protected].


  1. How should I pay the participation fee?

After you have registered and sent your CV and motivational letter, you will receive bank requisites for the payment. Participation fee consists of 2 parts: BLC fee (in euro) and UCU fee (in UAH), which are paid separately. You can pay each fee part in full or divide them into 2 equal parts.


  1. When do the participants receive their diplomas?

Participants, who have successfully graduated from the Program (presence at all of the modules is obligatory) usually get their diplomas only in October of the year they finished their studies in (in this case – in October 2019). The reason for the delay is that the grades have to be checked and approved by the Diploma’s External Assessment Committee (comprising academic staff from Cambridge).23