The legal firm Axon Partners is a general partner of the Law School of the Ukrainian Catholic University in 2018. The firm will provide expert and financial support to projects of the Law School and UCU’s Master’s Program in Law.


Axon Partners started providing expert support to the Ukrainian Catholic University in 2016 for UCU’s Program in IT Law.

«The philosophies of UCU and Axon Partners are very similar: also, as UCU hopes to create #notanotherlawschool, so we are working in the direction of ‘reimagining legal services,’» stated Dima Gadomsky, CEO of Axon Partners. “For us, support of law projects at UCU, both financial and expert, is an investment in the future. We are convinced that the graduates of UCU’s law programs will create a new level of professional lawyer in Ukraine, including those who work at our firm.”

Axon Partners Dima Gadomsky will also teach his original course for students of UCU’s Master’s Program in Law.

«For the UCU Law School, this partnership, like other financial or expert support on the part of law firms, demonstrates trust and faith in the things that we’re doing. I am convinced that we can expect very interesting and varied cooperation with Axon Partners, and that together we will break a number of stereotypes,” emphasized Ivan Horodyskyy, director of the UCU Law School.

In 2017, the law firm Matviiv and Partners was a general partner of the UCU Law School, thanks to whose support the Law School was able to implement a number of projects for students and practicing lawyers.