Anna Babych, a partner in the Aequo law firm and one of the leading Ukrainian lawyers in the field of corporate law/M&A, has become a member of the Advisory Council of the Law School of the Ukrainian Catholic University.

The Advisory Council, which Anna Babych has joined, helps determine key directions for the further growth of the school and provides consultation on key projects and principles for their implementation. As part of their work on the council, members guide the leadership of the UCU Law School and foster the development of the network of partners and determine strategic priorities for development.

“Be that change that you want to see in the world. I consider the most important reform in Ukraine to be the reform of education. It is an honor for me to join the Advisory Council of the UCU Law School. For I am convinced that, together with its progressive leadership, we will be able to make the UCU Law School the number one choice among entrants. Top priorities are the further development of academic programs, where students will, in particular, learn the practical aspects of the business of law, including innovative approaches, LegalTech, and also the expansion of international cooperation,” comments Anna Babych, partner at the Aequo law firm.

As Ivan Horodyskyy, director of the UCU Law School, stated, recruiting Anna Babych to the Advisory Council will foster the further development of the school’s projects:

 “In creating the Advisory Council, we foresaw that its members would be significant figures in the legal field, among whom, without a doubt, is Anna Babych. For us, recruiting Ms. Babych to the Advisory Council, when you take into account her experience and professional activity, demonstrates that we are moving ahead in the direction of building a large and high-quality new project for legal education in Ukraine.”


The UCU Law School is a values oriented law school in Lviv. Among the school’s areas of activity are instructional programs for practicing lawyers, a master’s program, and projects with Ukrainian and international partners, aiming at the development of the rule of law and the defense of human rights in Ukraine.